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The top 5 reasons people surrender their pets to our facility are:

  1. We’re moving and can’t keep our pet. If there is a move planned in your future, you must ensure you can have pets and that there aren’t any breed specific guidelines that will prevent you from keeping your pet. Ask landlords for their pet policy and ask for something in writing that indicates you meet the requirements to have a pet.
  2. Financial hardship. Pets are expensive. They get sick, they require preventative care so they don’t get sick such as heartworm preventative and dental care, not to mention the cost of boarding should you travel and providing good food. You must take these things into consideration before taking on a new dependant.
  3. Behavioral issues. It is truly amazing how many people will surrender their dogs or cats because of behavioral issues when the family has never provided any training to the animal or explored potential health problems that might be creating the behavior.
  1. Dogs need to be trained on what they can and cannot do. They’re looking to their humans for guidance. This is YOUR responsibility.
  2. When you take home a new puppy, they are a blank canvas. You have the paint brush. What they become is entirely up to you.
  3. Whether it’s a cat urinating outside the litter box or scratching up the couch, these behaviors can usually be explained by a health condition or be easily addressed.
  1. Not enough time. Other than moving, this is probably the most frustrating and avoidable reason owners surrender their pets. This usually results from spontaneous decisions to purchase or adopt a pet. Pets take time. They need daily care, exercise and love. If you don’t have time to do these things each and every day, you don’t need a pet.
  2. Divorce. We receive many pets because couples divorce and in the midst of a difficult situation, their pets pay the price. Divorce is a very difficult thing to cope with, but pets are a lifetime responsibility just like your children and should not be disposed of even in times of hardship.

The Hamilton County Humane Society offers many pets looking for a loving home for reasons listed above. Find your special pet at the pet finder today.

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